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About us

The IEEE Swiss Conference on Data Science is organized by the data innovation alliance. The alliance is an interdisciplinary expert network of innovative companies and universities to combine knowledge from different fields into marketable products and services. 


Dr. Gundula Heinatz Bürki

Managing Director

data innovation alliance

Dr. Gundula Heinatz Bürki led an analytics group at a Swiss insurance company and has been Manager of an analytics research group at ETH Zurich. She knows what transforming to digitization for a larger company means.

Dr. Reik Leiterer

Innovation Manager

data innovation alliance

Dr. Reik Leiterer is CEO and co-founder of ExoLabs, a company setting new standards in satellite-based environmental monitoring. For him, exchange and collaboration are at the core of innovation.

Milena Perraudin

Project Manager & Communication

data innovation alliance

Milena Perraudin has a background in communication and project management within the University of Zurich’s science faculty. She is excited to work in innovation and to facilitate collaboration between academia and the industry.

David Schaffner

Administrative Assistant

data innovation alliance

David has extensive knowledge working in the administration. He is responsible for the office of the Alliance in Thun.


Bälliz 62
3600 Thun

Direct:+41 33 221 88 20