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Videos & Slides

Track 1

Keynote – Daniel Keim

The Power of Visual Analytics: Combining Data Analytics and Visualization for Exploring Big Data – Slides

Mark Cieliebak – Towards Reliable Evaluation of Large Language Models (LLMs) – Slides

Urs Güttinger, Shyam Chikatamarla – GenAI Based Automated Email Response System – Challenges With Production Systems – Slides

Louis Douge, Robert Simmen – GenAI: Developing and Deploying a Specialized Underwriting AI Assistant – Slides

Andreas Gillhuber – Crossing the Chasm Between Data Pilots and the Implementation of Data Products – Slides

Fatemeh Borran – Customer Care Support at Swisscom: From Conventional to Generative Bots – Slides

Simone Roesler, Yves Beutler – Thriving Through Customers: How to Automate Feedback Processes With Large Language Models – Slides

Amin Karbassi – Risk Engineering Co-pilot: RAG vs. Fine-Tuning in Creating a Risk Assessment Assistant Tool With Domain-Specific Knowledge for Insurance Industry – Slides

Keynote – Leandro von Werra

Open LLMs: The Comeback of Open Models and Current Trends in the LLM Landscape – Slides

Track 2

Marco Wüst – Unlocking Success: A Strategic Guide from Data to Value

Yannick Misteli – Shaping Pharma Data and Analytics Strategy – Slides

Thomas Walther – Charting Mobiliar’s Data Journey

Lukas Lewandowski – Swiss Re’s Data Mesh Transformation

Johannes Maunz – Reality Capture and AI at Hexagon – Slides

Track 3

Philipp Denzel, Stefan Brunner – Towards the Certification of AI-Based Systems – Slides

Thomas Brunschwiler – Artificial Intelligence – A Suitable Tool for Mitigating the Risks of Climate Change? – Slides

Michal Lapinski-Kleber – Navigating Frontify’s Journey to an AI-Ready Modern Data Stack – Slides

Christoph Heitz – Group Fairness Refocused: Assessing the Social Impact of ML Systems – Slides

Matthias Minder, Frederik Steiner – The SBB Occupancy Forecast – Slides

Lukas Tuggener – So You Want Your Private LLM at Home? A Survey and Benchmark of Methods for Efficient GPTs – Slides

Track 4

Jan von der Assen – A Lightweight Data Mining Platform for Dynamic and Reproducible Malware Analysis – Slides

Alfredo Cuzzocrea – Secured UAV Navigation: A Novel Intrusion Detection System Based on PWM Signal Analysis – Slides

Lars Ruddigkeit – Navigating Cybersecurity Challenges and Opportunities in the Age of AI: A Focus on Large Language Models by Hackers and Defender – Slides

Dennis Bader – Harnessing the Power of Forecasting: Best Practices & Use Cases – Slides

Clemens Pirker – Commercial Impact and Innovation! Revisiting Analytics Solutions Development – Slides

Yiea-Funk Te, Marc Stefani – Generalizing Bank Client Advisor Feedback to Promote Comprehensive Property Valuation – Slides

Maria Paola Bianchi, Silvan Melchior – Keeping Waterways Clean With Machine Learning – Slides

Jean-Philipp Wüllrich, Nadjia Jeggli – How Medbase Pharmacies Leverage Data to Better Align With Patient Needs – Slides

Track 5

Gerrit Schatte, Ahmed Abdulkadir – Automated Process Monitoring in Injection Molding via Representation Learning and Setpoint Regression – Slides

Lilach Goren Huber – A Data-Centric-AI Trick to Clean Your Dirty Data – Slides

Damiano Binaghi – EdgeAI: Innovating at the Intersection of AI and Embedded Devices – Slides

Edoardo Filippi-Mazzola – Analyzing Non-linear Network Effects in the European Interbank Market – Slides

Rémy Vuagniaux – Constrained Zero-Shot Neural Architecture Search for Edge AI – Slides

Martin Surner – CIML-R: Causally Informed Machine Learning Based on Feature Relevance – Slides

Jaber Rad – Extracting Decision Paths via Surrogate Modeling for Explainability of Black Box Classifiers – Slides