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Unlock the full potential of large language models! Dive into the art of Prompt Engineering to harness the power of ChatGPT in boosting productivity across domains by employing various strategies. For instance, ChatGPT as a programming assistant, how to use it in automation activities and speed up daily office’s activities. We will then journey into the secret lives of LLM Agents, overcoming data limitations through the use of external tools and services. This part of the hands-on will be dedicated to a detective-themed puzzle/case designed to perform a simple Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) operation with multi-modal inputs through simple text prompts by connecting the agents to Azure Cognitive Services. The hands-on sessions will cater to both technical and non-technical participants.


  • Equip participants with prompt engineering skills for LLM performance enhancement
  • Unlock diverse applications through agents with access to external tools and services


09:00 – 09:30 TBD
09:30 – 09:40 Break
09:40 – 10:25 TBD
10:25 – 10:35 Break
10:35 – 11:05 TBD
11:05 – 11:15 Break
11:15 – 12:00 TBD